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03 March 2021
Police 850054 1920

In the early hours of this morning (Wednesday 03 March 2021) Johannes De Lange, a member of the Glenconnor Agricultural Association, and another family member were brutally attacked in the De Lange home by multiple suspects who gained forceful entry to the home. Both Johannes and the unidentified family member were stabbed multiple times by the attackers and are currently receiving medical treatment in a nearby hospital.

One of the intruders was mortally wounded, and another injured. Further suspects fled the scene but were intercepted and arrested by the SAPS members responding to the incident.

Agri Eastern Cape is led to believe that further suspects alleged to be involved in this brutal farm attack are still at large and all available resources have been deployed to assist in the search for these suspects.

Agri Eastern Cape wishes Mr De Lange and his family member injured in the attack a speedy recovery and seriously condemn the brutal attacks on the members of the Agricultural Community of the Province.

We would also like to extend our commendation to the SAPS members and Community Rural Safety Representatives who responded to this scene, it is thanks to the brilliant response and initiative taken by these members that resulted in the arrest of the suspects whose getaway vehicle was intercepted fleeing the crime scene.