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Eastern Cape Farmers Assist Farmers of the Western Cape

04 April 2018
Drought Stricken Western Cape Farmers

The drought is hitting Western Cape farmers hard so Eastern Cape farmers have extended a helping hand

The Western Cape farmers are in dire times due to the number of mouths they need to feed. Cape Town alone has a population of 6.5 million and is currently going through one of the worst droughts in history, with dams sitting at 24.9%, a drop in the ocean for what is actually required to sustain the city.

The Western Cape farmers are feeling the pressure as the demand for crops and meat are high. However, their resources are low. A lack of food can cause major issues such as unemployment and a drop in the economy.

This is why the Eastern Cape farmers have extended a helping hand by offering to assist the farmers in maintaining their reputation by inviting them to plant on Eastern Cape land.

Eastern Cape Government

The Eastern Cape government have proposed that the drought-stricken Western Cape farmers examine the possibility of moving their farming system to the Eastern Cape.

According to Eastern Cape Rural Development and Agrarian Reform MEC Mlibo Qoboshiyane states that the province was in the process of constructing an agriculture transformation strategy, that needs grain, livestock production and crops.

Agricultural Investment

The government had put aside an investment incentive to assist farmers situated in the Western Cape set up their commercial farming in the province.

“Farm workers do not have to lose jobs because of the drought; farmers do not have to lose profits because rainfall and water are scarce in their province. The best way to avoid this is for them to move their farming to the Eastern Cape Province which has good climatic conditions to grow any agriculture commodity,” said Qoboshiyane.

He continued by saying that he hopes the government of the Western Cape take up their generous offer, so the two provinces may discuss the possibility of commercial partnerships that will untimely benefit both the farmers and partners.

National Disaster Management

According to the national disaster management team, The Eastern Cape has also been hugely affected by the harsh drought. Places such as Amothle District, Nelson Mandela Metro Municipality and Sarah Baartment.

A statement was released recently by Dr Mmaphaka Tau addressing the state stakeholder to implement contingency measures to curb disaster.  

With dams sitting at an all-time low and day-zero approaching at a rapid pace, the Western and Eastern Cape have to team up and work together to sustain the citizens, as well as support themselves for the future.