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Agri Eastern Cape has established a number of sub-committees to address key issues that are of specific concern to its members. The sub-committees assist the executive in fulfilling the organisation’s mandate to be the voice of the farmer in the province.

Labour & Development

Chairperson: Johan Wege

082 337  4520

Key responsibilities:

Sectoral determination (minimum wages) • Child labour • Occupational Health and Safety • Department of Labour • Trade Unions • Migration • Social Security for Farm Workers • Training • Employment Equity • Compensation Commissioner • Unemployment Insurance Fund • South African Revenue Service • PEAT • Skills Development • Pension Funds • Medical Aid Funds • Human Rights • Agricultural Schools & Colleges • Employer Organisations • Agri SETA • Basic Conditions of Employment • Housing • Farm Workers

Rural Safety

Chairperson: Alfonso van Niekerk

046 685 0683 / 083 277 0793

ural safety is one of the Eastern Cape farming community's key concerns. This portfolio sub-committee of Agri EC meets regularly with the provincial department of safety and security to monitor crime trends and develop a strategy for crime prevention.

Key responsibilities:

Safety of Rural Community • Effective Functioning of Rural Safety Plan • Sector Policing • Crime Tendencies • Reservists • Trade in Scrap Metal • South African Police Service (SAPS) • Correctional Service • Justice • Protocol on Access to Farms • Procedures with Land Invasions • Border Policing • Green Courts • Farm Attacks • Stock Theft • Crime Statistics • Border Control • Rural Safety • Fire Arms

Land & Agricultural Development

Chairperson: Peter Cloete

 082 779 3893

Agri Eastern Cape's transformation sub-committee gives attention to legislation relating to land reform as well as related problems emanating from implementation.

Key responsibilities:

Emerging Farmers • Land Reform • Land Rights • Agri BEE • Land Ownership Foreigners • Area Based Plan • Expropriation • Land Claims • Database Landownership • Land and Rural Development • Mentorship • Evictions • Land Use Management

Economics & Trade


Gives attention to problems requests and negotiate with service providers to agriculture with regard to Roads, telephones, cell phones, electricity, postal and Spoornet services. Also gives extensive attention to all Property Rates issues affecting our province.

Roads - District Roads Engineer Liaisons

Key responsibilities:  Gives attention to problems requests and negotiate with service providers regarding the rural roads in our province.

Natural Resources

Chairperson: Christo Venter

082 561 5919

This sub-committee of Agri Eastern Cape handles a wide range of issues affecting the natural environment. These include genetically modified crops, shale gas development and renewable energy.  With water such a scarce and precious resource in drought-prone South Africa, this sub-committee of Agri Eastern Cape places a strong emphasis on water affairs, including water quality management and water use for agriculture.

Key responsibilities:

Mineral Rights • Climate Change • Renewable Energy • Damage Causing Animals • Disaster Management (fires, drought, floods) • Stock Diseases & Research • Game & Fencing • Environmental Impact Assessments • Soil Conservation • Weed (invaders) • Carbon Credits; Water Affairs & Water Rights